Gulf of Mexico Restoration Projects

There are many restoration efforts underway to respond to the Deepwater Horizon disaster, including the Natural Resources Damage Assessment,the NFWF Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund, and the RESTORE Act. Over the coming years, hundreds more projects will likely be funded.

In order to see where money is being spent, we have compiled information about approved projects. You can access this information in one of three ways: (1) our Restoration Projects Database; (2) our Project Type Finder; and (3) our Restoration Projects Map. The database and finder provide detailed information about each of the projects, while the map indicates where each project is taking place (with an overview of the project). The map links back to our database for more details.

These resources include all projects approved under NRDA, NFWF, and the RESTORE Act.

Restoration Projects Database


Click the image to see our Restoration Projects Database, a sortable display allowing users to filter by state and funding mechanism. The searchable database allows users to filter results by state or county.




Project Type Finder

Click the image to see our Project Type Finder, a sortable display allowing users to sort by “Ecological” or “Human-use” projects, find the project type they are interested in (from sea turtles to tourism), and
click for advanced project details.




Protected Restoration Projects Map


Click the image to see our Restoration Projects Map, which indicates where approved Deepwater Horizon restoration and recovery projects are taking place.



The Restoration Projects Database and Map will be continually updated as more projects are approved. To provide feedback, suggestions, or corrections, please contact the ELI’s Gulf Program at

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