Restoration Projects Map

There are a myriad of restoration efforts underway to respond to the Deepwater Horizon disaster, including theĀ Natural Resources Damage Assessment, NFWF Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund, and the RESTORE Act. Over the coming years, hundreds more projects will likely be funded.

The Restoration Projects Map builds from the information in our Restoration Projects Database to show where approved Deepwater Horizon restoration and recovery projects are taking place in the five Gulf states.

When a project does not have a single location, we placed the marker where a large portion of the activity will occur. When it is uncertain where most of the activity will occur, we placed the marker at the central location of the project area. Gulf-wide projects are displayed in central Gulf of Mexico. Use the zoom function to examine a specific area, and click on a marker for project details, including a link to the project page in our Restoration Projects Database.

Projects are color coded to correspond to the funding process, with different shades corresponding to different phases or year approved:

The Restoration Projects Map will be continually updated as more projects are approved. To provide feedback, suggestions, or corrections, please contact ELI’s Gulf Program at