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Since 2006, the Environmental Law Institute’s annual Ocean Seminar Series has brought together ocean law, policy, and science experts to discuss emerging and persistent challenges to the ocean and coasts.

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Current Developments on U.S. Fishery Policy

The Trump Administration’s approach to fisheries management seems to constitute a significant policymaking shift. Recent decisions such as extending the Gulf of Mexico season for red snapper or overturning a decision by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission that would have cut New Jersey’s recreational quota for summer flounder seem to go against NOAA’s traditional approach of situating scientific information at the center of fisheries decision-making. This webinar discussed these and other recent developments and assessed the direction U.S. fisheries policymaking may take in the future

Ocean Policy & the Trump Administration

This webinar convened a panel of experts to discuss some key issues that the Trump administration will face regarding ocean policy. The goal was to spark dialogue about the importance of smart policies that support a healthy ocean.

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: Using Coordination and Leveraging to Enhance Gulf Restoration

The webinar brought together representatives from federal, state, and local government to discuss how coordination and leveraging are playing a role in Gulf restoration. The goal of this webinar was to understand what opportunities are available, and what more can be done, to make Gulf restoration greater than the sum of its parts.

Impacts and Governance of Coastal Sand Mining

What connects beaches, roads, and skyscrapers? All three–along with many electronics–rely on sand mining. Globally, 40 billion tons of sand are consumed per year, far more than any other mineral. The webinar convened experts on sand mining to discuss what it is, where it is being carried out, and how it is being governed.

RECORDING: Gulf Restoration After the BP Consent Decree

On October 5, 2015, the BP Consent Decree was released and opened to the public for comment. The Consent Decree settles most claims against BP arising from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, including Clean Water Act civil penalties (to flow through the RESTORE Act) and Natural Resource Damages (“NRD”). Along with separate agreements with local government entities, these settlements total $20.8 billion. The webinar convened experts to discuss the Consent Decree and NRD.

RECORDING: Offshore Aquaculture and the Army Corps of Engineers

On June 3, 2015, we hosted a webinar to mark the release of ELI’s new white paper, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Regulation of Offshore Aquaculture. This webinar featured presentations on the content and recommendations of the white paper, along with presentations and reactions by experts from the Army Corps of Engineers and Salem State University’s Northeastern Massachusetts Aquaculture Center.

Webinar on International Deep Seabed Mining

On April 22, we brought together some of the foremost experts on deep seabed mining to discuss this pressing issue. Of particular relevance are the ISA’s Exploitation Regulations, released in draft form on March 13 and open for public comment until May 15. In light of these important legal developments and leaps forward in scientific understanding, now is the time to pause to consider the special nature of the deep ocean and how to best manage it.

View our Webinar on Climate Change, Communities, and Gulf Restoration

This webinar brought together a panel of experts to discuss the complex intersection of climate change, community resilience and Gulf of Mexico restoration, focusing on the challenges of and opportunities for creating restoration projects that both incorporate climate change considerations and are responsive to the needs of coastal communities.

Marine Debris: Cleaning Up the Sea

Marine debris includes consumer plastics, metals, rubber, paper, textiles, derelict fishing gear, vessels, and other lost or discarded items. These items and others combine to create a massive environmental challenge, perhaps most evident in the “Pacific Garbage Patch,” a floating debris field the size of Texas. This webinar brought together some of the foremost experts on marine debris to discuss what can be done by different levels of government, NGOs, private companies, and the public. Click here to view a recording.

Deepwater Horizon Litigation: Where Things Stand and What is Next

This webinar brought together leading experts on the oil spill litigation to discuss the first two phases of the trial, including the court’s ruling that the oil spill was the result of BP’s gross negligence and willful misconduct, and previewed some of the major issues that were addressed in Phase III. A recording and summary is available here.

Summary and Recording from The Next Frontier: Offshore Hydraulic Fracturing

Our webinar on Offshore Hydraulic Fracturing is now posted. Click the heading for a summary and recording!

Recording from The New RESTORE Act Regulations, Notice, and Guidelines from Treasury

We've posted the recording of our Aug. 28, 2014 webinar on The New RESTORE Act Regulations, Notice, and Guidelines from Treasury.

Recording from Tracing Seafood from Vessel to Plate

We've posted the recording of our Dec. 12, 2013 webinar on Tracing Seafood from Vessel to Plate.

Recording from Ensuring Seafood Safety After a Disaster

We've posted the recording of our Nov. 15, 2013 webinar on Ensuring Seafood Safety After a Disaster.

Recording from Deepwater Horizon Litigation: Overview and Update

We've posted the recording of our Nov. 13, 2013 webinar on Deepwater Horizon Litigation.

Workshops & Events

Environmental Accountability Series

In 2017, ELI is launching the Environmental Accountability Project to provide transparency related to major environmental decisions. The first webinar is on February 16 at 4 PM ET, on the proposed Border Wall.

Ocean Seminar Series

Since 2006, the annual Ocean Seminar Series has highlighted key persistent and emerging ocean and coastal governance issues. Please email us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for upcoming ocean seminars.

Other ELI Seminars

In addition to our ocean seminars, ELI hosts a variety of seminars, webinars, and telebriefings on other environmental law and policy issues. Visit the ELI Calendar for a full listing of upcoming events.