Participating in RestorationInvolvement

There have been and will continue to be numerous opportunities for the public to participate in various stages of Gulf recovery and restoration. This process, known as public participation, provides members of the public with an opportunity to make their voice heard in Gulf environmental decision-making. The following pages provide information on public participation in Gulf recovery processes:

Introduction to Public Participation

This page introduces the concept of public participation, provides tips for community organizing, and presents guidelines for submitting verbal and written public comments.

Public Participation Bulletin Board

For each state (and for the Gulf as a whole), the Public Participation Bulletin Board provides an overview of open comment periods, as well as ongoing public participation opportunities. On the interactive map, you can click on the icon for the geographic area you are interested in to view information for that area. Additional details about Louisiana parishes and Florida counties can be found in maps on separate web pages.

Understanding and Participating in Gulf Restoration

This page discusses specific opportunities to get involved in Gulf restoration planning, and also provides a guide for reading and understanding Gulf restoration plans and procedures.

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