Recovering the Gulf

The impacts of the Deepwater Horizon disaster will be felt for years if not decades to come. This website provides an overview of the ongoing regional restoration and recovery efforts and how you can participate in them.

Publications & Resources

NEW: Where Are We Now?

This page provides a summary of some recent developments in the three main regional restoration and recovery processes.

UPDATED: Gulf Coast Restoration & Recovery 101

This resource guides readers through the key processes that have been initiated to help recover and restore the Gulf of Mexico following Deepwater Horizon.

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Workshops & Events

Interested in an Event?

We are continually planning workshops around the Gulf on the ongoing recovery and restoration processes. Please email us if you have questions about when and where the next event will take place. We also host seminars and telebriefings on an as-needed basis. Please email us if you have a specific topic you would like us to address.

Past ELI Workshops

View our "Past Workshops" page for details about previous ELI workshops on Deepwater Horizon restoration and recovery.

Past ELI Events

View our "Other Events" page for details about previous seminars and telebriefings that ELI has organized on Deepwater Horizon issues.