Publications & Resources

NEPA Scoping FAQs

June 2017
Our NEPA Scoping FAQs explains what the NEPA scoping process is, why you should get involved, and how to get involved.

Good Projects Checklist

May 2017
Our Good Projects Checklist is intended to help members of the public determine whether a restoration project is good or not. It includes seven different elements of what to look for in a project. For each element, we provide: (1) a list of questions to determine whether a project adequately includes that element; (2) guidance on how to apply the element; and (3) an example of a Gulf project that satisfies the element.

A Guide to Participating in the Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource Damage Assessment Process

April 2017
We have developed a guide which intends to help you as you determine how to engage in the process.

Fast Tracking “Good” Restoration Projects

February 2017

Our paper identifies some of the existing mechanisms for fast-tracking “good” restoration projects.

Natural Resource Restoration

We have produced fact sheets on the seven trustee implementation groups (TIGs) that are currently active:
Restoration Across the Gulf Region
Restoration of the Open Ocean
Natural Resource Restoration in Alabama
Natural Resource Restoration in Florida
Natural Resource Restoration in Louisiana
Natural Resource Restoration in Mississippi
Natural Resource Restoration in Texas

The Project Type Finder

This constantly updated resource provides a way to sort Gulf restoration projects based on restoration type, independent of the project location and the restoration process.

Workshops & Events

Webinar on RESTORE Act Comprehensive Update

On September 21 at 1PM EST, we co-hosted a webinar with the Gulf Restoration Network and Ocean Conservancy on the RESTORE Act Comprehensive Plan Update released by the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council on August 23, 2016. The webinar convened RESTORE Council staff (including Executive Director Justin Ehrenwerth) to provide background on the plan and answer questions from the audience.

Interested in an Event?

We are continually planning workshops around the Gulf on the ongoing recovery and restoration processes. Please email us if you have questions about when and where the next event will take place. We also host seminars and telebriefings on an as-needed basis. Please email us if you have a specific topic you would like us to address.

ELI Events

View our "ELI Events" page for details about previous seminars and telebriefings that ELI has organized on Deepwater Horizon issues.