Barbuda Blue Halo

Countless coastal communities rely on the natural beauty and extensive bounty of healthy ocean ecosystems for their livelihoods. However, ocean ecosystems around the world are facing emerging challenges that could threaten their continued health. The threats include pollution, coastal development, invasive species, and overfishing, among many others. In turn, the coastal communities that rely on the sea are also facing challenges. In the face of these challenges, sustainable marine policies present opportunities to ensure the continued health of ocean ecosystems and viability of coastal livelihoods.

Barbuda is facing these challenges head on. The Ocean Program has teamed with the Waitt Institute to support the Barbuda Blue Halo Initiative, which empowers Barbudans to restore their coastal waters by developing a science-based Sustainable Coastal Policy.

The Barbuda Blue Halo Initiative resulted in the enactment of a sweeping set of new marine planning regulations, which could form a model for using policies to support coastal communities around the world. Our work has included ongoing legal and policy support, focusing on two outputs:

Sustainable Fisheries and Coastal Zoning in Barbuda



Click here to view our legal authorities summary, and watch a video below.