Legal Strategy for Strengthening MPA Enforcement in Niue

Niue Government, in collaboration under the partnership with the Tofia Niue NOW project, funded by Ocean’s 5 and supported by other partners (National Geographic Pristine Seas), have declared the intention to put aside 40% of Niue’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) as a large scale Marine Protected Area (MPA). Under the NOW project partnership; Niue has commenced development of an EEZ wide Marine Spatial Management Plan (MSMP) and the proposed MPA within the MSMP area and a compliance Strategy to complement both the MSMP and MPAs enforcement.

The Environmental Law Institute (ELI), in partnership with National Geographic Pristine Seas Initiative, has developed a Handbook of legal tools to support effective MPA Enforcement. ELI will now collaborate with Niue to design a legislative framework for the MSMP and MPA enforcement/compliance policy recommendations and advise on legislation, in the context of the Niue Ocean Wide (NOW) initiative.

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