Welcome to the Environmental Law Institute’s Ocean Program

Our oceans act as a crucial life-support system for the planet and its inhabitants — soaking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, providing a wealth of natural resources, nurturing incredible and mysterious sea creatures, and serving as a playground and place of cultural heritage. Covering 71 percent of Earth’s surface and providing 99 percent of its living space, the ocean often seems invincible. Yet human activity threatens to diminish the myriad services that the ocean provides.

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To address these threats, ELI’s Ocean Program focuses on several key management areas:

Gulf of Mexico Restoration and Recovery

Visit eli-ocean.org/gulf to learn about post-Deepwater Horizon restoration and recovery in the Gulf of Mexico.


Fisheries and Aquaculture

Visit eli-ocean.org/fish to learn about legal and policy frameworks to support the sustainable management of wild and farmed fish and shellfish resources.


Managing Arctic Offshore Resources

Visit eli-ocean.org/arctic to learn more about ELI’s work in the Arctic.


Ocean Seminar Series

Visit eli-ocean.org/seminars to learn more about ELI’s annual Ocean Seminar Series.