Strengthening Arctic marine resource management

The Environmental Law Institute works in the Arctic to support and strengthen the role of Alaska Natives in offshore resource management processes.

Publications & Resources

HANDBOOK: Model Alaska Native Consultation Procedures

Government-to-government consultation is an opportunity for better U.S. Arctic management decisions that are built on an exchange of views and perspectives with Alaska Natives. However, our past research showed that consultation had often failed to live up to its potential. The Handbook attempts to change that by providing a tool to support Alaska Natives as they develop their own policies and procedures for consultation, with a specific focus on marine mammal issues.

Strengthening Government-to-Government Consultation Related to Marine Subsistence Resources in Alaska

The goal of our work on Consultation is to support the role of Alaska Natives in managing trust resources, and to help ensure that consultation is an effective, efficient, and meaningful process that actually leads to sustainable—and just—management. Click here to download the full report, and here for the summary.

Climate & Communities: Conducting Marine Research in a Changing Arctic

This report examines how communication occurs between researchers and coastal communities during research focused on the Alaskan marine environment.

ELR Special Issue: Arctic Offshore Natural Resources Management

In October 2013, ELI published a special issue of the Environmental Law Reporter focused on Arctic offshore natural resource management. Click on the link above to download the complete issue or individual articles.

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Workshops & Events


We periodically host and participate in events on Arctic marine issues. Check this page often for updates to our events schedule.


Offshore Oil & Gas in the Arctic: The Next Five Years

January 26, 2012 
In this seminar, panelists discussed the draft leasing program and aspects such as science needs and availability, expected activity impacts, and how the program may align with other ongoing ocean management processes, such as coastal and marine spatial planning.

Arctic Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning and the Role of the Arctic People

March 11, 2010
This seminar centered on the rights, traditions, and experiences of the Arctic people; existing co-management practices; competing management imperatives; and how to build from the existing system toward an Arctic marine spatial planning framework.