Gulf State Plans and Programs Search Tool

This Search Tool provides links to Gulf of Mexico state plans (including regional plans) and state programs that may be important to the oil spill restoration and recovery processes. This tool provides links to more than 120 plans and programs. It is sorted by:

  • State (where more than one state is involved, it is grouped under “Regional”); and

  • Plan or Program.

We divided the plans and programs into different categories. “Plans” are divided into “Management Plans” and “Strategic Plans.” “Management Plans” are those that relate to management of a particular resource or geographic area. “Strategic Plans” are all other plans. When a plan includes specific project ideas, it is marked with an asterisk.

“Programs” are divided into two categories: “Funding Programs” and “Regulatory Programs.” Funding Programs are programs that provide funding for projects. Regulatory Programs are those that provide rules, policies, guidelines, and/or information that may be important for projects.

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